The owners of Germania Brew Haus - Jared & Carolyn - are active duty military officers in the Army and Air Force, respectively. They grew up in Southern Illinois and wanted to bring a specialty coffee house and craft taproom to their old stomping grounds. With the help of their families, they opened their doors in early June and held a Grand Opening in early July.



CRIMSON CUP — We have partnered with Crimson Cup for our Coffee Beans. We use their award winning roasts such as, Armando's Blend. 

FROST BAKERY — Located in the commercial kitchen of Jakoby Arts Center, Frost Bakery makes all of our savory items as well as our amazing apps. 

DUKE'S BAKERY — Located on Henry Street and well known in the Alton area, all of our sweet bakery items are provided by Duke's Bakery.